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For years of my life, I marinated in heartbreak.

After my marriage and eventual divorce, I found myself lost in the world and without a plan.

I never envisioned my love story ending in divorce but that was the chapter of my life that I found myself in. It was in an unfamiliar book that I could never have imagined.

I thought that this was the end of all relationships. I was seriously contemplating moving to the Himalayas or joining a religious order. …

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Getting over an ex is not easy for everyone.

Some move on fairly quickly while others like myself, take years of our lives to get over a breakup.

When we got to the point of ending our 7-year marriage, I was distraught. Yes, we had our problems from the day we were married. Yes, we didn’t see eye to eye and had different interests. Yes, I woke up early and she woke up late but none of these things seemed like they would permanently end a relationship.

While we separated to figure out what to do next, I couldn’t see…

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I’ve fallen into the trap of falling in love with people who needed help and were struggling.

First, I fell for someone who was trying to escape from her strict parents. She wanted a way out from controlling parents and curfews. She was in her 20’s and was in college yet her life was guarded and protected. She couldn’t leave the house or attend social events. She wanted a way out and I was her escape.

Later I fell for someone whose legal status in the country was in jeopardy. She was having some issues with her immigration paperwork. I…

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I’m guilty of it just like every other writer on this platform.

The best way to become the writer you want to be is to write more.

You’ll never become better, never earn more or gain more traction until you put lots of content out there.

Lots of quantity is the secret to becoming the writer you want to be.

Doing more of something is not the only ingredient for success

Let’s break this down and look at things in our lives where we got better simply by doing it more.

When I wanted to become a speaker, I didn’t simply stand up and start giving more speeches. I didn’t go…

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The end of the month is the worst when it comes to writing in these parts.

You dread the end of the month because you’re going to be reading article after article about people succeeding on Medium.

Every month new writers are hitting the three-figure mark and even more people are hitting the four-figure mark.

These writers have been around as long as you have and started the same time you did so what gives?

How are they becoming so successful and earning so much on Medium? What’s the secret that they’ve figured out that you haven’t?

I had been…

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I started writing when I was going through one of the most painful events in my life.

Writing became an outlet for me to share with others what I was going through. In the process of healing from divorce and heartbreak, writing became a way to earn money as well.

Over the years, my writing led to coaching others. It led to a book-writing and a book-selling business. It led to this platform which started paying writers.

Writing can pay if you do it consistently enough and serve an audience that needs your writing. If your writing can educate, help…

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The people who do the most important work are the least valued.

As I spent part of the pandemic in Asia, the people who had the most impact on my life were not in corporate offices, weren’t television stars or influencers.

The person who had the most impact on my life were people like grocery store workers, restaurant workers, hospital workers, public cleaners and other city workers.

When I entered a country, for example, it was essential front-line workers at the airport who checked me in, conducted the on arrival COVID tests and walked me through all the steps of…

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You know that you were born to write.

You have a writing ability that not many people do. You might even know that it’s your gift.

The idea here isn’t that you can’t write but it’s something that’s going on in your life that’s preventing you from writing.

It’s not that you can’t write. You just don’t want to.

You don’t even know what it is that’s stopping you.

You’re deep in the thick of resistance and feeling paralyzed about putting words to paper or the screen.

All you can do is read other people’s writing and lament that you’re…

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Having a free flow of ideas is helpful as a writer.

The most painful thing is sitting down and having nothing to say. The idea is to brainstorm and ideate in your non-writing time and become a writing machine when you sit down to write

After a good writing month on this platform, I decided to start a free writing mentorship group to support other writers. I thought if I had made a successful run on Medium and crossed the four-figure earnings mark in a year, I could help other writers do the same.

When I offered this free writing…

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Publications aren’t worth the trouble or the time.

I’m not someone who has played the publications game while on Medium. As a writer on Medium, I may have shown up on a large Medium publication about 15 times. While I enjoy the opportunity to write for the Accent, P.S. I Love You, The Writing Cooperative and others, I’m not entirely sold on them.

If you want my honest and candid take on publications, I made this video to talk about my thoughts on publications.

I don’t think Medium is sold on publications either. In fact, they got rid of their…

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