Or just trying to fight back against a competitor?

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Can you believe what NewsBreak is doing?” asks one Medium marketing person to another.

They’re just giving away $1000’s of dollars per month to writers who join their platform,” replies another person in the chat.

They’re going to kill us and we are going to be losing writers left and right,” remarks the Medium subscription lead.

Where the writers go, the readers go,” someone chimes in from their kitchen on the Zoom call.

When gloom turns to hopelessness, the Medium marketing team gets themselves back together and asks what can be done about this.

“We need to pay our creators…

But this is going to make the course-sellers go nuts!

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$0 to $1000 in one year.

That would be the name of my online Medium course.

Exactly, one year ago, I earned less than $5 on this platform and one year later, I crossed the $1000.00 mark on Medium.

I’ve written several articles about how all of this happened. I’m not really sure if I’ve done anything different as you can read about in this post. And I am very thankful for a particular publication and Editor as you can read about in this post.

In a nutshell, I went all-in with Medium and was able to cross the four-figure…

What’s worked for me could work for you

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I can’t explain what happened on Medium this past month.

Last April, I earned $3.89.

In April 2021, I earned more than four figures.

Unfortunately, this is not of those stories that end with me complaining about Medium and cursing the algorithms.

It’s a story about finding success on the platform. While I haven’t been able to figure out exactly how I had such a successful month, I do have a couple clues that I want to share with you to help you on your writing journey.

Running towards my niche

I have a whole other blog outside of Medium where I write about…

Thanks for putting a human experience to what we are reading in the papers and watching on the news. Sounded bad in the news but this is at a whole different level. Prayers and well wishes to you and your family.

Wise words here to acknowledge and thank the gifts from nature as well as for us to give freely back. Thank you Dr. Preeti.

And there’s only one thing I did differently

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2020 was a prolific year of writing and a dismal year of results.

For all of 2020, I wouldn’t see much results when writing on Medium. I would put in 20 hour weeks of writing and earn $10–$20 a month. You read that right.

My daily earnings were something between $.50 — $2.00 a day. The daily views were nothing to write home about. I thought all of this was normal and decided to keep going despite it because I enjoyed writing and the community here.

This was the time when top writers were regularly writing that they were having…

Wise words. Glad you had so much insight and clarity to figure this out while everyone else is increasing the speed on a treadmill. Thank you Liam.

7 simple ideas to build a strong tribe on the platform

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When I first started blogging, all I used to hear was crickets.

In the blogging days, you’d publish a post and no one would see your post for days. All you’d hear as the writer is radio silence.

Blogging can be a lonely activity if you have no established audience or tribe who reads your work and supports you.

It may feel the same way here on Medium. You’ve joined a few Facebook groups and follow some people on Twitter but you still don’t have the feeling that you belong to a community or have the support of other writers.

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