Thank you for sharing. Very disturbing but not surprising. Why does it feel like people of color are living in a war zone in this country?

you have a whole system on which books to read. I think at this point and as far as fiction, I'm just going by what you recommend :) Thanks for these tips and your regular reading recommendations, Neeramitra.

Who knew Tim Denning would be the next big thing

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Who is this guy?

I’d spend a couple of hours preparing my post to be published and send it over to the editors of my favorite personal growth blog at the time.

Each and every time I would publish the post, I’d wait around for the comments and the feedback from my new post. Most of the time, I got very little feedback or interest.

Yet without fail, I would always receive a comment from another writer on the blog. …

For something we do so often (breathing) we do so little conscious breathing. I'm going to start being more mindful of my breath and make sure the breath is coming through my nose and I'm taking more belly breaths. Looking forward to checking out both books you mentioned here. Thanks for this helpful piece Hollie.

Great points, good insights and many practical take-aways. Like you say in the conclusion, our minds tend to take over lives and overwhelm us. Your post here is a way to defend ourselves :)

8 Lessons from Ellen Nguyen’s book to let go of a past lover

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First heartbreaks are the most painful ones.

After the pain of a first broken heart, you’ll never know if you want another relationship again. Heartbreak will have the power to break your heart, destroy your spirit and crush your soul.

When I went through a breakup and eventual divorce after my first relationship, I was devastated and pondering the meaning of life. Although the relationship came to a crashing halt, I wasn’t ready to let go of it.

Although the relationship had ended in real life, I was determined to hold onto this relationship mentally and emotionally. If I could…

Or make you want to quit

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Your articles are missing one important ingredient.

When I first started blogging a decade ago, I wrote articles about personal development, motivation, and spirituality. The articles were my understanding of the world and a mixture of everything I had known to be true.

Yet, they didn’t quite connect with the audience until I had an article published on the Tiny Buddha blog. When I submitted a piece to them, the friendly and helpful editor suggested that I include my personal experience to make the points that I was trying to make.

Upon rewriting the piece and submitting it, I found…

SO easy to regret our past decisions and second-guess ourselves. you make a great case for acceptance of our previous decisions based on the factors you describe. We were doing the best we could under the circumstances.

Thrive on the battlefield of writing

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To become a writer is to constantly stumble, pick yourself up and keep going.

You will write things people won’t read. You will write things people don’t agree with and things that are way below your abilities. You will get so many things wrong in your writing journey and will frequently feel like quitting.

I always knew I wanted to be a writer but for a long time, I didn’t start. Not until a soul-crushing life event transpired and I couldn’t deal with the tsunami of heartbreak did I start typing out letters on my keyboard. …

Going beyond the views and earnings

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Grab some popcorn, sit back, and refresh my statistics page every few hours.

This is what I did most of the week.

I watched as the views for one of my articles went up to 1500 views on Day 1, 3000 on Day 2 and 7500 views on Day 3.

This is life! I’m just going to screenshot my views and my earnings so I can text it to my writing friends all over the world.

“I’m going viral…I can’t believe it…I’m going viral…”

As my total views passed 40,000 for the past 30 days, my monthly earnings crossed $400…

Vishnu*s Virtues

Let’s achieve our writing dreams together | Topics: writing and relationships | Californian, Malaysian| 750K+ Med views. Blog:

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