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  • Sandra Pawula

    Sandra Pawula

    Writer + Mindfulness Teacher. I write about life lessons, personal growth + spirituality through a Buddhist lens. Visit me at: www.alwayswellwithin.com

  • Kristina God

    Kristina God

    2x Top Writer in Parenting & Feminism, One of the Top 2,000 Writers on Medium, Passionate storyteller & experienced full-stack marketer by profession

  • Julia Appa

    Julia Appa

    Just a 21-year-old BA English student who’s obsessed with writing. Instagram: juliaminus_romeo

  • J.R. Flaherty

    J.R. Flaherty

    Writes non-fiction, writes to live. Unequivocal on: Essentialism, Creativity, Travel, Balance & Imperfection. Better Marketing. Startup. CYMCYL @FlahertyWrites

  • Neera Mahajan

    Neera Mahajan

    A Whimsical Writer, Editor-in-chief of Authorpreneur www.neeramahajan.com

  • Ching Ching

    Ching Ching

    I am a Malaysian discovering ways to write about my life and my encounters with people. Nature is my inspiration.

  • Liam Magnus

    Liam Magnus

    ** I am trash ** Brit living in Germany. Apparently I write now? Topics include; sobriety, life, philosophy and mindfulness.

  • Ruchi Thalwal

    Ruchi Thalwal

    3X Medium Top Writer | Spiritual friend | Writer | Poet | Energy healer (Reiki Grandmaster) | Empath | ruchimedium@gmail.com

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