Kristy - this is the most brilliant post I've read. I can't believe that I can help the environment through my searches. Amazing! Can we use it without dowloading the app? It looks like we can but are you suggesting we use the app so it's our default browser? Thank you for this post!

Surefire ways to make your posts better today

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The best way to get better on Medium is to take a course.

Or so you would think. Recently, a friend reached out to me asking about my opinions about taking a Medium course. I read over the copy of the course she shared and reflected on the many points the course seller was promising if you signed up for the course.

Hmmm…yes, all of these are good reasons to sign up for the course, and I told my friend that she might be a good candidate for the course.

Hey, before you sign up, can you sent me links…

Here’s what I do

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Some writers are able to crank out post after post on Medium while you may be struggling to publish very much. How do people manage to be productive and efficient when it comes to writing on Medium?

Over the past year, I’ve written close to two hundred articles on Medium. I’ve made Medium writing part of my daily writing habit. I don’t try to do any other writing until I get my Medium writing out of the way. I created this habit because it allows me to clear my head and get into a writing mindset. …

Wow, learn something new every day. I'm now wondering if my past actions made ma simp lol Fascinating read Jax!

Totally agree! Resonates with me a lot. Your ideas trump everything else. And I loved that Derek Sivers book. He keeps it real. Super humble and helpful. Thanks for this value-packed piece and important message all of us writers need to hear, Kevin.

Why some posts get devoured, and others ignored

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Your readers are waiting to read the very next article you write.

Unfortunately, they are not reading every article you write because not all of your writing benefits them. If you’re not consciously writing with your reader in mind, there’s plenty of other articles for them to read. Readers are thirsting to read certain types of articles and will be refreshing their browsers to read those.

I’ve gone through the nearly 300 articles that I’ve written to review which ones have done well and why. From my own review of my writing and from reading other writer’s posts, here’s what…

9 tips to change your writing fortunes

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You need luck to become a successful writer.

Some of the luckiest writers get their break when they find their audience, find their niche or when they write a viral post that resonates with many.

While luck does play a role, you can’t solely depend on luck to become the writer you want to be. Many people imagine that the ONLY thing they are missing from becoming the writer they want to be is luck. …

Leo Babuta spills the most important secret to habit creation

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Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

Leo Babauta’s life was a mess. More than a decade ago, he was living with his large family in a job he didn’t like, over-weight, not able to make ends meet, was deeply in debt, and was a smoker.

He was stuck in a life where he felt terrible about himself and his future. He didn’t feel like he could make any changes in his life at the time.

In less than 10 years, he turned his life around completely through the power of daily habits, becoming one of the top habit experts in the world and creating a blog…

Misconstrued tips to stay single on Valentine’s and all year round

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Dating advice is meant to help you get into a relationship.

Unfortunately, the trite and mythological advice that’s dispensed by relationship gurus will help you stay single not only this Valentine’s Day but all year round.

Dating isn’t hard but takes a lot of mental and emotional maturity and capacity that many of us don’t know how to exercise or don’t care to exercise. After a few shots at the dating game, you might even think that Netflixing at home by yourself will do much more for your romantic life than dating!

I’ve been on my fair share of dates…

The shared mindset of creatives and the wealthy

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I was listening to the Inspired Nation podcast recently where Michael Sandler was interviewing author and speaker, Dr. John DeMartini.

Sandler was interviewing DeMartini about his life and work with successful people around the world, including with billionaires.

At the 57-minute mark of the interview, Sandler asks DiMartini to share what the top 3 habits of billionaires were. Hmm..this should be interesting. What are the 3 top habits of the wealthiest people in the world?

DiMartini then shared the story about a billionaire he knows that has a few thousand patents to his name. “He’s constantly learning…he’s very open-minded and…

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